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Take Tex-Mex seriously… and life as it comes.

Our menu is crafted by chefs who dream more of your next taco than their next vacation. They’re out of bed and prepping in our scratch kitchen before you (or the sun) are even up. Here at Capital, we don’t take shortcuts. Our taco slingers make every order on an open grill that’s so hot it makes our jalapeños jealous. Forget everything you think you know. It’s time to taste Tex-Mex #DoneRight.



Chef Created


Tex-Mex #DoneRight

Capital Tacos was born from a quest to deliver one thing — unique and heavenly Tex-Mex flavor — to your taste buds. We’ve been at it a few years. But this journey has really only begun.

The Tried and True

We have dozens of chef-created options from Tex-Mex classics to Catawampus Crazy Fries all #DoneRight to order. We know, flavor overload right?
Not to worry, right here is a great place to start.

Big Kahuna
Big Kahuna

It took over a year of travel, beach-side tastings and kitchen trials to launch the best SoCal Tex-Mex fusion you’ll find. Led by hand-battered and flash-fried fish, covered in our house made carolina gold sauce + dirty spice, and topped with street corn, jack & cheddar, cilantro and a (fancy) lime wedge.

Ground Beast
Ground Beast

This is NOT your typical ground beef. We experimented with dozens of sauces and marinades to design a ground beef so good it puts your mom’s to shame (sorry not sorry mom). Capital Ground Beef, topped with lettuce, pico, jack & cheddar, sour cream, and wait for it... poblano ranch.

MC Yum Yum
MC Yum Yum

This special act was too popular to not bring on for a full set. Feat. THE BIG THREE: Grilled adobo chicken, chorizo, and sizzling bacon (of course). Topped with our signature street corn, jack & cheddar, pico de gallo, and house made poblano ranch.

Hen House
Hen House

A flavor that marries seasoned adobo chicken with the feistiness of a feral chihuahua. This flavor barks AND bites with sweet caramelized onions, pico de gallo, sour cream, chihuahua cheese, and poblano ranch.


Rumor has it that this one was named after our head chef’s pet coyote who didn’t play well with others (this is still unconfirmed.) We let this one run free with deep fried chicken smothered in queso and topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, jack & cheddar, and poblano ranch.

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We’re a Tampa, Florida based concept that is rapidly spreading across the Southeast. Find the location nearest you today!

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