Re-inventing Tex-Mex

Every item on our menu is made from scratch and grilled up to order. From starters to munch while you wait, to award-winning flavor profiles and inventive meals that simply don’t follow the rules.
Explore our menu, there’s something here for everyone.

Get It Started

Those “in the Capital know” say no meal at Capital is truly complete if it doesn’t start with one of our signature starters… and we agree!

01 - Chips and Queso

Chips & Queso

Hand cut, flash fried chips, served with our signature queso.

02 - Queso Bites

Queso Bites and Dipping Sauce

Our queso, mixed with premium cheeses and some secret ingredients, hand rolled into bite-sized balls and flash-fried.

02 -Capital Fries

Capital Fries and Dipping Sauce

Hand spiced with our signature Chainsaw spice blend and served with your choice of dipping sauce.

01 - Chips Salsa (L)

Chips & Salsa

Hand cut, flash fried chips served with our housemade Mild, Verde or Pico Salsas.

Mexican Street Corn - Resize

Mexican Street Corn

The stuff of Tex-Mex Legend! Hand-shucked, grilled to order, coated in a secret sauce, cotija cheese, and dirty spices.

For all the thrill-seekers out there, this section is for you!

01 - Ground Beast Quesadilla (1) copy

Monster Quesadillas

Two massive 12 inch tortillas filled to the brim with our specialty cheese blend – and then some. Cut into 4 quarters for sharing (or not). Varieties Available: Cluckin’ Chicken, Chicken Bacon Ranchadilla,Cheese Steakadilla

02 - Andre 3001 Crazy Fries copy

Crazy Fries

Capital Fries, coated in queso, hand-spiced with our chainsaw spice blend, topped off as your flavor profile of choice.

02 - The Mc Yum Yum Nachos cop

Epic Nachos

Capital’s hand-cut chips, coated in queso and black beans, topped off as your flavor profile of choice.

Award-winning flavors straight from our grill, to your taste buds. Try ‘em all.

Each Flavor Profile is available in 3 different ways:

01 - TACO


On 6 inch flour or corn tortilla

02 - Burrito


stuffed with Mexican rice and black beans

02 - Bowl


On a bed of Mexican rice and black Beans

Birria Bundle

3 flour tortillas filled with braised & hand-shredded beef, loaded with melty cheese, and served with onions, cilantro, lime – and a beefy consomme for dipping.
Capital Tacos resized (1)
2 Taco Meal

Summer Bundles: 2 Taco Meals

Each meal comes with: 2 award-winning, fully-loaded tacos, personal side of chips and your choice of dip – queso or mild salsa. Choose from 7 fan-favorite flavor profiles!

09 - Ground Beast Taco-Resized

Ground Beast

CAPITAL GROUND BEEF with grilled onions, lettuce, pico de gallo, jack & cheddar, sour cream and poblano ranch.

09 - Chapel_s cheesesteak Taco-Resized

Chapel's Cheesesteak

SHAVED STEAK grilled in a melted 3-cheese blend with onions and peppers, with garlic mayo, cilantro and cotija cheese.

Full Res Print - Capital Tacos Photoshoot 03-01-23 - Tack Sharp Media -256 (1)

South Beach Hot Chicken

Deep Fried Chicken tossed in house chili oil, topped with garlic mayo, lettuce, pickled onions, and cilantro.
Donald Duck Taco


Marinated & cubed tofu braised in a Capital spice blend, topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, verde salsa, crushed chips, cilantro and a lime wedge.

Big Kahuna

BATTERED & FRIED FISH with jack & cheddar, corn salsa, carolina gold, cilantro, dirty spice, and a lime wedge.
03 - Big Kahuna Taco-Resized
05 - shrimply the best - Resized

Shrimply the best

FRIED TIGER SHRIMP & SIZZLIN’ BACON with lettuce, garlic mayo, cilantro and a lime wedge.

05 - Ace high carnitas Taco-Resized

Ace High Carnitas

TRADITIONAL FRIED PORK with green chiles, diced onions, chihuahua cheese, cilantro, salsa verde and a lime wedge.

06 - Catawampus Taco-Resized


DEEP FRIED CHICKEN with queso, lettuce, pico de gallo, jack & cheddar and poblano ranch.

07 - Hen House Taco-Resized

Hen House

ADOBO CHICKEN with caramelized onions, pico de gallo, sour cream, chihuahua cheese and poblano ranch.

07 - Chicken fajita Taco-Resized

Chicken Fajita

MARINATED CHICKEN BREAST tossed in sweet fajita sauce with grilled poblano peppers and onions, lettuce, pico de gallo, jack & cheddar, sour cream and poblano ranch.

West Coast Taco No Jalapeno

West Coast Special

GRILLED TIGER SHRIMP tossed in a rice wine vinegar glaze, with spicy slaw, chihuahua cheese, cilantro, chipotle ranch and a lime wedge.

Cauliflower Dreamin’ Taco


FRIED CAULIFLOWER topped with garlic mayo, cilantro, pice de gallo and purple cabbage.

The MC Yum Yum

ADOBO CHICKEN, SIZZLIN’ BACON & HOUSEMADE CHORIZO, topped with corn salsa, jack & cheddar, pico de gallo, and poblano ranch.

10 - Mc yum yum Taco-Resized

Everything Else

01 - Kids Chicken Taco Meal Chips copy

Kid's Meals

Each meal comes with CHOICE OF SIDE (chips, fries, rice, beans), DRINK, AND 3 MINI CHURROS.
01 - The GOOD Salad copy


Each meal comes with CHOICE OF SIDE (chips, fries, rice, beans), DRINK, AND 3 MINI CHURROS.


01 - copy

Mini Churros

Flash fried churros dusted with cinnamon sugar, and served with chocolate dipping sauce.

02 - Raspberry Chimi copy

Raspberry Chimi

02 - Traditional Mexican Cheesecake copy

Traditional Mexican Cheesecake

Our chefs are always dreaming up new, and inventive creations. Check out our special flavors!


You heard that right, we have some secret menu items you’re going to want to discover.

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